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FAA Building in Hilliard, FL 1960

Nassau County Florida is home to the Jacksonville Air Traffic Control Center located in Hilliard. This center is one of twenty domestic enroute air traffic control centers and is responsible for approximately 160,000 square miles of airspace. This center also controls the airspace for over twenty military airports and about 225 civilian airports. 

The facility workforce is comprised of over 320 controllers, 10 staff specialists, 85 Airway Facilities employees, (the technicians that maintain the building and equipment, and their support personnel) and numerous contract employees. Offices supporting control room operations include Safety, Airspace and Procedures, Training, Military Operations, Requirements, Security, Human Resources, Flight Data, Traffic Management, and the Center Weather Service Unit.

Pictured to the left: The Jacksonville Air Traffic Control Center in 1960

Hilliard Airpark

Welcome to Hilliard Airpark, established in 1969 and proudly serving as one of Florida's last remaining public grass landing strips.

Strategically situated within 30 NM of key locations such as Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport, Jacksonville International Airport, Cecil Fields & Spaceport, and Davis Field, Folkston Airport, Hilliard Airpark offers convenient access to the region's most sought-after amenities. Explore nearby attractions including Amelia Island, Downtown Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Historic St. Augustine, Jekyll Island, and St. Simons Island.

Hilliard Airpark houses 24 hangars, including a mix of individual and bulk options. Their modern FBO building features a pilot lounge, flight planning center, conference room, kitchen with self-serve beverages and snacks, and multiple bathrooms. Experience convenience and comfort at Hilliard Airpark.


Nassau County School District: Get There

Nassau County boasts an impressive presence in the aviation and aerospace industry, with its A-rated school district ranked #2 in Florida. As part of the Get There initiative launched by the Florida Department of Education in 2020, Nassau County's high schools offer comprehensive Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs.

Among these, the Aerospace Technologies program, falling under the Engineering and Technology Education career cluster, provides students with a solid foundation in aerospace engineering and related fields. Additionally, the district offers a popular Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) program, categorized under the Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics career cluster.

These programs equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the aviation and aerospace industries, ensuring they are well-prepared for future career opportunities.

To learn more about the other programs that are offered, check out the school district's website.



Nassau County School District: CTE Program


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