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Nassau County boasts a vibrant financial and professional service industry, thriving amidst its strategic location near the airport and major highways and interstates. Situated near Jacksonville International Airport, businesses in Nassau County enjoy convenient access to national and international markets, facilitating seamless transactions and connections. The county also hosts esteemed educational institutions, like Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) - Nassau Center, which enriches the local talent pool and provides valuable resources for professional development.

Furthermore, Nassau County's high schools offer robust Career Technical Education (CTE) programs, preparing students for success in various industries, including finance and professional services. These programs equip students with practical skills and knowledge, fostering a skilled workforce that meets the demands of the evolving job market. As the region continues to attract young professionals seeking career opportunities and a high quality of life, businesses in Nassau County are uniquely positioned to capitalize on this dynamic workforce, driving innovation and growth in the financial and professional service sector.

Jacksonville Region


For young professionals, Jacksonville metro is a top 5 city where Millennials are moving and 54% of students in post-secondary institutions stay local after graduation, more than all other Florida college cities.

Jacksonville provides a steady stream of skilled workers, with more than 837,000 in the workforce, and is the fastest-growing metro in Florida. Jacksonville MSA ranked in the Top 20 large metros for employment growth and the Top 10 cities for workforce confidence.




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 Financial and Professional Services Industry Overview 



Financial and Professional Businesses that support the Nassau County Economic Development Board

Community First Schwend Insurance TRU-FI Credit Union Raymond James First Federal Bank


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