New High-Tech Surgery and Procedural Center opens at Baptist Medical Center Nassau

February 14, 2018

Nassau County residents now have access to a new state-of-the-art Surgery and Procedural Center at Baptist Medical Center. The 30,000-square-foot center opened today with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

This is the latest addition to Baptist Nassau's growing medical campus and provides residents with the most advanced medical equipment in an ultramodern facility. The hospital invested $22.5 million to build the new center.

Among many features, the new center includes:

- Four "smart" operating suites with ceiling-mounted equipment that can be controlled at the medical team's fingertips. Each suite is 580 feet, allowing ample space for the surgical team, nearly 200 square feet larger than the previous surgical rooms. The advanced technology features an in-light HD surgical camera which provides an alternative overhead view of the patient's surgical area, enabling the medical team to share live images with other specialists for consultation.

- 20 large private patient rooms where patients can visit with family and friends in a spacious, quiet environment before and after surgery.

- Two endoscopy suites and a suite for minor procedures.

- A centralized high-tech sterilization center for all surgical instruments to enhance patient safety.

Special attention was given to the aesthetics of the new center as well. Large private rooms, natural light and a spacious new waiting room with separate areas for reflection and media are examples. In the waiting room, a large 56-foot watercolor mural spans the length of the wall. Painted by Fernandina Beach artist William Maurer, it depicts the natural environment of the entire county Baptist Nassau serves and helps promote a sense of calm and healing for patients and families.

"Every aspect of the Surgery and Procedural Center is designed to provide a better experience for patients, family members, and physicians," said Hospital President Ed Hubel. "Safety and comfort were the driving factors at every stage of design."


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