Wildlight welcomes AT&T as communitys first technology provider

November 7, 2017

WILDLIGHT, FL – October 26, 2017 – Wildlight, the new town under development in Nassau County, is proud to announce AT&T as its first technology provider. One of Wildlight’s key goals is to provide a robust technological infrastructure and culture of connectivity for residents, businesses and the Nassau County community. AT&T will provide an ultra-fast fiber network service throughout the community designed to have the capability to easily migrate to future services.

“AT&T is excited to be the first technology provider for one of Northeast Florida’s largest mixed use developments,” said Joe York, area president, AT&T. “Our fiber network is going to provide Wildlight with the ability to stay connected at top speeds where people live, work, and play. This development includes single family homes, businesses, multifamily units, educational facilities, and retail stores, all of which require different things from their network provider. AT&T is able to provide connectivity for all of these varying needs.”

As a gigabit community, Wildlight wanted to ensure its technology would be up and running for residents and businesses to enjoy from day one. Residents, business owners and those accessing Wildlight’s leading edge network will be able to stream HD movies, play games, download work files or backup data-rich files at ultra-fast speeds.

AT&T Fibersm and Business Fiber services offer residents and businesses in the Wildlight community all fiber connection, with AT&T’s fastest internet connection speeds. It can improve the experience when connecting to the cloud, videoconferencing and more.

“Wildlight is committed to providing the most advanced technology for its future residents and businesses,” said Charles Adams, Vice President of Community Development for Wildlight. “We are excited to work with AT&T to offer AT&T Fiber to the Home, which can deliver the ultra-fast speeds to our homes, businesses and Wildlight Elementary School.”

Residents will also have access to the latest Wi-Fi technology. With internet powered by AT&T Fiber, they can experience the best in-home Wi-Fi experience with faster speeds, expanded coverage and support for all of their devices.

Wildlight’s technology alliance comes after Raydient Places + Properties, Wildlight’s developer, announced a strategic alliance with the University of Florida to create a national model for healthier communities in Nassau County. More information about the community can be found at Wildlight.com.


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